Beer Tasting

About Us

Nestled in America’s Heartland and right on Kansas’ main thoroughfare (Interstate 70), The Center Pivot Restaurant and Brewery can be found at 300 Main Street in gorgeous downtown Quinter Kansas.

A concept, birthed in the spring of 2017, was for 2 friends to be able to brew the delicious beer they loved and to share it with others. Recognizing also, that Quinter was in desperate need of a “sit down” type of restaurant - a perfect storm developed, leading to the addition of a third partner. Interestingly, our partnership of 3 families developed, and of the 6 of us, 4 of us can call ourselves born locals. Giving back to the community that raised us, our dynamic ownership team welcomes you to enjoy our delicious food and beverage in an “Americana” themed main street building. As owners of the Center Pivot restaurant and brewery, we are deeply committed to our home community and economy, so much so, that we decided to “walk the walk” when it came to reinvesting in our community by bringing our passions and hobbies to life in our bustling rural Western Kansas Community. Please come visit us at 300 Main Street at the North End of our gorgeous Main Street.

Respecting our community’s heritage, diverse population and beliefs, our bar and brewery sits in the east half of our large building. In an effort to pleasantly serve all - we have distinctly separated the dining and bar / brewery area so that those that wish not to imbibe or even see the bar and beer production side of our facility may enjoy their meal in the west dining room.