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Where does the name Center Pivot come from? Have you ever flown over the heart of America and viewed the crop circle patterns (a circle within a square) from an airplane window seat? Those circles are created by Center Pivot Irrigation systems, delivering water to the fields of crops. Decades ago, Brewer Steve became fascinated with these beautiful patterns, and as the concept of our brewery came to life, the name Center Pivot seemed a natural fit. You can see these images in our logo, signage and all of our pint glasses and apparel. Some local artists have also contributed to the Center Pivot theme and you can see their pieces throughout the brewery. Our flagship and most popular beer is our Cracked Pepper Cream Ale. Passionate about our local beers, we will continue to expand our unique samplings in small to medium sized seasonal batches to tempt the craft beer lover’s palate.

We are avid craft beer enthusiasts, and particularly proud of the magnificent independent breweries that can be found all over the beautiful state of Kansas. We hope to offer the largest, varied, KANSAS craft beer selection ON TAP along I-70 between Hays and Denver. Not to worry though, we will keep the traditional domestics (and wine & spirits) that many also count on. Brewer Steve has been an avid home brewer for more than 20 years, and he will quench the thirst of our Craft Beer lovers by providing our own delicious original beers as well as an enormous selection of outstanding Kansas Crafts!