Organic Fresh and Homemade Food

We simply can’t say enough about our quality food. Our kitchen concept is LOCAL, ORGANIC, FRESH, and HOME MADE. We have an enormous, fresh soup and salad bar, ORGANIC, with locally sourced produce and fresh side selections to choose from. We feature 4B farms produce. A mere 23 miles from our salad bar, this produce is grown and harvested. If you are having a meal from our salad bar, there is a very good chance that the items you are eating were picked that very morning! The soups on this salad bar are all made in our own kitchen, as well. Organic, locally sourced, many of our visitors make an entire meal from our bountiful soup and salad bar! Under the supervision of our kitchen manager, our staff will crank out your favorites! Whether you want an exclusively organic, locally grown salad bar selection, an entrée that you can’t find anywhere else, or the traditional, sit down “steak and potatoes” - we are certain that we can make everyone’s taste buds smile.